Role & Function of the Management Agent

Timeshare Manager Agent Jamaica

The Timeshare Register & The Management Agent

A timeshare management agent can either be:

  1. a person licensed to practice property management in this category, under the Real Estate (Dealers & Developers) Act; or

  1. The purchasers’ association.

The decision of who to hire should be made by the majority of voters in the purchasers’ association.

The purchasers’ association should determine the procedure for appointment and the tenure of the management agent in compliance with the Regulations.

Procedure for appointment:

If the property is not being managed by the purchasers’ association:

  1. The Executive Committee of the purchasers’ association should obtain at least 3 quotations from similar entities/individuals that are licenced to practice property management under the Real Estate (Dealers & Developers) Act.

  1. These invoices should be presented to the purchasers at a general meeting of the purchasers’ association.

  1. The owners/purchasers should choose a provider.

  1. The Executive Committee should enter into a contract with the provider on behalf of the purchasers association.

The contract should clearly set out the terms, responsibilities and rights of all the parties.  The contract should also have a clear commencement date.